Food Testing Lab for Nutritional Value Testing in Chennai

Food is most important thing for living beings to live. Since food is made up of nutrients, it provides all the essential nutrients to our body. In our busy schedules, we often eat as per our convenience, rather than what is healthy. The intake of nutrients regularly is very important for a person. If not, it may lead to nutrition risk factors like Hypertension, Illness, Obesity, Stroke, Type 2 diabetes and Nutritional anaemias.A proper and balanced nutrition provides essential support for a healthy body. Food Nutrition Testing is must since nutrition levels are needed for a human body to perform his daily activities. SFTS is one of the most famous Nutrition Testing Labs in Chennai to test the nutritional value of your food. SFTS conducts food testing for all nutritional parameters and is accredited by NABL. We produce the most appropriate nutrition facts label for your food products. All food nutrition analysis at our laboratory is performed by professional food scientists who have years of experience in the food industry.We provide Chemical, Biological and Mechanical Testing methods to ensure accurate results for our food manufacturers and consumers. We offer the best Chemical Testing of Food Products in Chennai with national as well as international standard test methods. The tests at our laboratory are handled on products such as Food and Agricultural Products, Water, Spices, Marine Culture Food products, Cosmetics and essential oils, Industrial and Fine Chemicals, Soap Detergent and Toiletries and also Packaging Materials. Considering the customer satisfaction, all these samples will be collected by our staff members at your doorstep.We perform a wide range of test methods to describe the nutritional aspects of food products. SFTS provides accurate test results for the consumers since they are more aware of health benefits of nutritional food and consumers today are demanding for more information about their food products. Ours is the best Food Nutrition Testing Laboratory with modern laboratory equipment and experienced staff. We make use of advanced techniques in testing and also offer Nutritional Testing Services at reasonable market prices. We try our level best to help in protecting the safety and quality of your food products.SFTS is the only Water Testing Lab in Chennai that has been incorporated to provide the testing services for the products like Food and Agricultural Products, Spices, Fruits and Vegetables, Milk, Marine Culture Food Products, Animal Food and Feeds etc.Send us your food sample today! We analyse your food sample and give you 100% accurate results.

Health and Lifestyle Enhancement

For More Immunity and EnergyHealth and lifestyle enhancement can ensure good physical and mental health and lead to a disease-free, more energetic lifestyle. It can benefit people of all ages, associated with different kinds of professions, and plagued by different kinds of worries. Eating right, deeper religious growth and exercise can cause great transformations, both to the mind and body. It can leave people with more optimistic feelings about themselves, their lives, and life in general.Research reveals that people follow whatever lifestyle changes they have imposed on themselves more strictly, when their medical team is intensively involved in helping them. Similarly, lifestyle improvement programs can steer people lacking the impetus to shift from their comfort zone, towards taking that first vital step. These programs in the hands of caring, supportive specialists educate and inspire the patients.Personalized Health and Lifestyle Enhancement for Better OutcomesBefore going in for a lifestyle improvement program, you should know exactly what you want to achieve by participating in it, and the various areas of your life that you wish to improve. The program would be personalized to satisfy these requirements and goals of yours. The following are some of the advantages of health and lifestyle enhancement programs:o Most suitable weight can be attained through natural means.
o Restores proper body and emotional health.
o Enables one to gain command over one’s life.
o Provides education on how exercise can be made part of the lifestyle.
o Leads to a vitality boost.
o Educates on pain-free relief of pains and aches.
o Educates on having power over food allergies and on increasing body immunity.
o Educates on healthy shopping and on preparation of fast, easy dishes when time is limited.For a Better Looking, Healthier, Gladder, and More Active YouHealth and lifestyle enhancement programs are the new-age solution for a better looking, healthier, gladder, and more active you.

Accounts Receivable Financing Verses Purchase Order Financing

Two types of alternative business financing that often get confused with one another are Accounts Receivable Financing and Purchase Order Financing. It’s understandable that they sometimes get confused, however, they are two very different types of alternative business financing that serve two very different purposes.Accounts Receivable Financing is used when you have outstanding invoices on your aging report and want to access that cash now instead of waiting to be paid at a later date.  NOTE:  To qualify for Accounts Receivable Financing, your product or service must have been delivered and invoiced; otherwise there are no Accounts Receivable invoices to use as collateral. The two types of Accounts Receivable Financing most commonly used are Asset Based Lending and Factoring:

Asset Based Lending – You can get traditional bank financing or alternative business financing in the form of asset based lending.  If you qualify for bank financing, go that route first because the cost of capital will always be less than non-traditional asset based lending.  You receive a line of credit from a bank or non-bank lender and use your accounts receivable invoices as collateral for the line.  Each institution has different underwriting standards; however, the important thing to remember is that the strength of your company will still play a role in getting approved. 

It will be not be possible to get bank financing if your business is losing money because banks are very conservative…and rightly so; they’re not making much money on your line compared to non-traditional lenders.  These non-traditional lenders will still have to qualify your company in the underwriting process (although less stringent) and have certain covenants tied to the line in order for it to stay open.

Factoring – This is a form of financing where a 3rd party purchases your accounts receivable invoices at a discount so you can receive working capital today instead of having to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to be paid.  Factoring is more flexible that asset based lending in the sense that you’re qualified based on the strength of your clients, not your financial strength.

Purchase Order Financing, also known as PO Financing, is used when capital is needed to fulfill an order after receiving a PO.  Smaller companies that start to receive larger orders can turn to this type of alternative financing to help sustain growth.  PO Financing only makes sense when profit margins are large enough to offset the cost of capital.  It can be costly; however, it’s still cheaper than equity.So remember, Purchase Order Financing is used on the front end of a transaction and Accounts Receivable Financing is used on the back-end of a transaction.  If your company needs financing for growth or survival, these two types of financing may be very helpful financing tools. 

Career Opportunities in Digital Photography

A career in digital photography is a very exciting and rewarding career that is an extremely versatile profession. Once you have completed an education at your photography school of choice, one can tailor their photography experience depending on experience level, talent, and topic interest. The topics and areas of which you can enjoy a career in digital photography vary. from shooting advertising campaigns, to high fashion photo shoots, or to magazine covers, digital photography is used nearly everywhere.A wonderful benefit of being a digital photographer is the fact that many of your jobs and contracts can be freelanced based. This means you can work for yourself, make your own hours, and choose your jobs or contracts you would like to work with. In addition to freelance work, many websites pay per image or per collection for digital photography images. It’s a great way to make an additional income, while enjoying your passion at the same time. Various courses via photography schools are available to fine tune your photography skills in lighting, contrast, exposure, and fundamentals of lines.Photography is fast becoming a leading profession in the digital media world common misconception is the fact that one needs high end and outrageously expensive equipment to obtain a career in this field. This is a common myth, as many digital photographers can make a successful living and create high quality photos with a digital camera, an education at a photography school photo editing software, and dedication to the projects.Marketing, business savvy skills, and an artistic eye are traits and attributes that will aid you in a successful photography career. Being able to market your talent and portfolio are one of the key components in spreading the word about your digital photography services.